Performance improvement: Is training the solution?

Recently, while presenting the learning capabilities of my organization to an august corporate audience, in due course I was describing the learner-centric approach when a very senior person from my organization asked how at the end it translates into business goals and if the focus is business goal (in dollar terms) then how it can be learner-centric?

The time constraint and the framework of expectation put forward by my boss withheld me from describing the systems approach where business goal defines the expected performance and identifies the gap in the first place, leading to the root cause analysis required to arrive at the solution which in this case is training. So, it is now focused on the learner to fill the knowledge or skill gap and if implemented successfully should address the business goal in turn, and be learner-centric at the same time. In this case, I tried my best to answer the question within the constraints I was in, and the answer I gave is not what I want to discuss here. I am visualizing the wider context within a corporate environment when the focus shifts from business goal to learner-centric approach to training. Continue reading “Performance improvement: Is training the solution?”

What training intervention?

I was in the midst of an internal meeting discussing a proposal prepared by me for a particular client, when one of my colleague – who was on the marketing side – started the argument. He said we need multiple solution approaches (one of which should be gamification).*

Let me give a little background to the point I am trying to share here. The client wanted to convert all the training into a video which would run around 15 – 18 minutes. The target audience were a group of sales guys who needed to know the organizational and local government rules and regulations pertaining to the industry and around the sales process. The content as usual for this kind of regulatory training was about rules and regulations, processes, and best practices that one must follow while dealing with various stakeholders involved in the deal. Continue reading “What training intervention?”