What training intervention?

I was in the midst of an internal meeting discussing a proposal prepared by me for a particular client, when one of my colleague – who was on the marketing side – started the argument. He said we need multiple solution approaches (one of which should be gamification).*

Let me give a little background to the point I am trying to share here. The client wanted to convert all the training into a video which would run around 15 – 18 minutes. The target audience were a group of sales guys who needed to know the organizational and local government rules and regulations pertaining to the industry and around the sales process. The content as usual for this kind of regulatory training was about rules and regulations, processes, and best practices that one must follow while dealing with various stakeholders involved in the deal. Continue reading “What training intervention?”

My tryst with learning

Let us embrace

The green leaves, the green grass, and the green root;

The blue earth, the blue water, and the blue fire;

Lord save us from the yellow-red fire!

Let there be peace;

Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

Over the years of my gradual awakening and understanding of how I learn, I realized that both reason and heart are part of the truth called learning; but at some point in the learning path the heart rules – be it in the beginning, middle, or, the end! Continue reading “My tryst with learning”